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Trust Me…..God Knows

This world, this world. You know we have a habit of calling Bad Good, and Good Bad; for convenience.   We give bad, all manner of bad, a makeover. Dress it up so it appears acceptable to us and everyone else.  Then  the Holy Spirit has convicted us, because of our sinful behavior, so we diligently seek a squeaky clean way of dressing our sinful behavior up; give it a total makeover.

But God knows what we do and Jesus Christ stands waiting for you to really clean it up.  You know what I mean; Give yourself a total spiritual  makeover.  You don’t need message therapy, a weekend getaway package;  what you need is a spiritual cleansing. You need to come to Jesus.

You can’t dress up satan to make him look good.  He can’t look good, because he’s satan.  Your behavior could be satan filled.  I don’t need to tell you what it is.  I could write a long list.  But the beauty of it is, you know what you’re doing and trust me somebody else knows. There are no secrets with God. You know  you’re living sinful and if you feel bad about it that is the sin litmus test. Guess what……… the Holy Spirit is convicting you.  It time to Come to Jesus.

If you’re ready, and you better be ready, there is not much time,  say this prayer.
Dear Lord Jesus, please forgive  me of my sins, transgressions and inequities. I am a sinner Lord and I am truly sorry for denying Your name through my behavior. I ask you to come into my life, right here; right now, Lord Jesus. I call upon You  and thank You for giving me the gift of grace of salvation through Your work on  the cross.  I thank you Lord Jesus for Your gift of eternal life, which I accept this day.  Thank you Lord for giving me a new life.  I am ready to follow you now today! ……Amen


Jesus Gave Us Eternal Life and He Is Lord

God created this universe and everything in it. If you thrive on earth it is not because of your extreme confidence or talent, it is by the grace of God.  Don’t resign yourself to fall into the trap of self adulation. Accept  the Lord Jesus as your Saviour. Ask Him to forgive you or your sins and ask him to come into your life. acknowledge that he paid the extreme sacrifice by dying on Calvary for our sins. With this one act of love he gave us the gift of eternal life.

Daily Miracle

Daily Miracle

God Word Is our Protection In A Lost World

You know satan is fast at work, particularly in this world; and people are buying into his lies.  It seems everyone is trying to neutralize God and His word. They are attempting to obstricsize, and cloud our hearts, minds, and  mouths, from spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ and His message is broad and diverse. It’s all around you and the trendy, sinful things in this world, and those who try to to make God’s word, politically incorrect; to defuse and  confused us.

If you have no foundation in the word and know nothing about it,  you are at risk to eternal damnation, easy game and easy prey for satan’s deceptions and satan’s lies.  You know this world has never been a true friend to anyone, so it absolutely apparent that we must learn to stand firm when the winds of deceit blow way over one one hundred miles per hour.  If you don’t know Jesus, you will be lost in the shuffle.  You can try all the fads, the trends; they are all sinful and have no good purpose, except to condem you to eternal damnation and an eternal life of suffering.  You can reverse the trend and find way to salvation by asking Jesus to come into your life, before it’s to late..

Applying Gods Word Opens Doors In Our Lives

Our life and direction is often compared to walking a path in the bible. As we follow God’s word, he clears the way for us. Shows us the directions and helps us avoid pitfalls and distractions that so easily ensnares us.  He has a map, a road mark that gives us discernment and a blue print of how to navigate the tight curves and bumpy roads of life. It is called the Holy bible. We can learn God’s words for our life as we read the bible and apply it’s truths.

One thing we can be sure of all scripture is inspired by God and has remarkable power to transform you. When you live in obedience to God’s word, you are acting in agreement with his will. This put you in spiriual alignment and in a position to receive his blessings for your life. Without this alignment  God cannot bless you, when you do not have God in your life and have not accepted His Son and Our Savior Jesus Christ into  your life, you cannot esperience God’s care and direction.

Ask God For Discernment and Wait On Him Prior To A Decision

We need to examine where we are heading. That is,   the path  or direction that we have chosen to take. As we walk down that path it may seem awkward, the road is bumpy,  and it appears that we may have taken a wrong turn; in a word we or lost. How do we get back to the main road and the path that will deliver us to our destination?   That is what we do in life; we take the wrong road, because our emotions and our zeal to make something happen always leads us to make decisions that are not entirely the right decisions. We are not on the correct path. Our enthusiasm leads us to do things that are not in the best interest of our family and we need to take stock and wait on the Lord. Wait on his message and  be  open to hearing it.

It is challenging sometime to here that message. In fact we can miss it. It requires prayer and meditation to discern it. If you are struggling with this, as I often do, Join me in this prayer, perhaps it can help us both:

“Dear Lord, Thank you for your care and for strengthening me with the breath of life today. I give praise and honor to your Holy Name for  giving me this day. I know that you are with me for eternity; here doing this life, and  the life  that awaits me in heaven.  Father I pray that you will bless all who read this prayer, that we will all step back and wait  patiently for your word and direction. Father  I know that we must keep moving for nothing can be accomplished for you through us by inaction. I pray to you that you will work though the people you have placed in our lives so that the pieces of the puzzle can come together to lead us down that right road. The road may be bumpy,but Father you will repair it for the rest of the journey.

I pray Father that you will give all who read this pray the discernment that we will need to make the correct decision, so that Our lives will honor You and Your glory. Help us to protect our family and move forward through each situation in a way that will strengthen us  and lead us in the right paths. In this I ask it in the name of our blessed Savior Jesus Christ. I ask it all in Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

“I can do all things through Christ who straightens me”

Proverbs 4: 20-27